“I had a good life. It just went bad the last 12 months”



Paul isn’t used to talking about his feelings. He was a strong and proud man, living in a good house, married, with kids, and in the same job for 20 years. But recently, he has been going through a rough patch. After a relationship breakdown, Paul found himself homeless, going from bail hostel to hostel to B&B for over 8 months. Instead of a safe roof over his head,he found a world he had never seen before… 

When we visited him the first time in July, Paul had just hit what he described as his rock-bottom. In January, he was in a much better place, had moved into his own flat, and reconnecting with his family…

timeline web Paul v2

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Here are the insights that relate to Paul’s story:

What is normal?

icons4.pngPeople experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage have often grown up in worlds where alcohol or drug use, violence, or offending are normal. How much does it take for someone to recognise and challenge these norms? Services need to not just focus on the individual, but also support whole families and sometimes communities to change.

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